Warren Kimble Recognized by State of Vermont


Vermont Art Design 014Nashville, TN — It is with great pleasure that Courtney Davis, Licensing Agent for Warren Kimble, announces his recent recognition from the Governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin.  Recipient of the 2013 Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, Warren joins highly esteemed past recipients such as writer David Mamet, writer Bernard Malamud, composer Carl Ruggles, to name a few.

According to the Vermont Arts Council 5 criteria must be met to be considered for the award: 1) Recipients must reside in the state of Vermont; 2) Recipients have made significant and sustained contributions to the advancement of an art form; 3) Recipients are recognized for contributions in an international, national, or regional area; 4) Recipients demonstrate a personal commitment to the development of cultural life in Vermont; 5) Recipients demonstrate exemplary standards of professional integrity.

Warren’s contributions in his hometown of Brandon, Vermont and beyond are legendary.  In addition to being recognized as the preeminent Folk Art painter in today’s art world, Warren and his wife Lorraine, have worked diligently, passionately, and successfully to establish Brandon as an art destination.

In addition Warren ideated and spearheaded the Palettes of Vermont initiative in conjunction with the Vermont Arts Council several years ago. The Palettes of Vermont provided maple or paper palettes to any Vermonter who requested one…40,000 Vermonters (6% of the population) participated in the program, creating art palettes that adorned the state!  The huge success, not just in its creative output but its civic unification, led to inquiries from around the globe on how to create regional mirror programs.

Warren’s folk art archives remain actively licensed and highly desired in the retail environment.  But Warren’s art extends beyond his commercially recognized folk library to his deeply emotional Widows of War collection, recognizing the widows of the Iraq War.  And his more recent abstract series, “Let the Sun Shine” celebrates optimism for the future.

Warren’s licensed work can be found with licensees Lang, Peking Handicraft, Gibson Overseas, Platinum Puzzles, and others.

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