Vermont Folk Art Gallery Opens with Warren Kimble, Robin Kent, and Medana Gabbard


One of America’s most revered living folk artist, Warren Kimble, has opened a new gallery with Robin Kent and Medana Gabbard called Vermont Folk Art Gallery.

Hailed as the premier destination for contemporary American folk art, the gallery is located in the beautiful artist community of Brandon, Vermont. Doubling as artist studios, visitors to the gallery will find unique collections of folk art as well as artists working in their studios many days.

About the Artists:

Robin Kent, whose work can be found in the American Folk Art Museum in New York City, is well known for her three-dimensional folk art that draws collectors and admirers from across the region. The Vermont Folk Art Gallery not only proudly displays her art, but also serves as her studio where you can find her most days.

Medana Gabbard is another admired folk artist known for her scenes from the past and incredible attention to detail. As a licensed artist, her work can be found on calendars, puzzles, notebooks, and many other items.

Warren Kimble, who you are likely already familiar with, can be found in his studio at the Vermont Folk Art Gallery on most days where he’s happy to chat with visitors. You can find his beloved work displayed in the gallery, too.