Folk Art 2017 at The BAG


Opening June 30, 5-7pm
Artist’s gallery talk August 12, 11am
Show runs through August 29


In July and August of 2017, the Brandon Artist Guild (The BAG) will celebrate one of its own founders, Warren Kimble, with an exhibition featuring the universally appealing folk art that has made him famous beginning in 1987. The twist is that the folk art imagery he presents this summer is a new body of artwork.

Kimble’s beloved version of Americana — art that tells stories of a simple, less complicated era — is the genre for which he is most known. In recent years, however, the prolific artist has delved into other subjects with timely content, such as the Widows of War installations, or with humor and satire (The House of Cards collection). And he has continued his insatiable exploration of abstract images, both in painting (such as the “Cosmos” series, relating to Earth and the Universe) and in sculpture — the masculine assemblages shown at Burlington’s Frog Hollow venue, March of 2017.

Now, to the delight of his many fans, the summer 2017 BAG exhibition will show Warren Kimble in a current mood of nostalgia, once again painting his signature animal, barn, and homestead scenes on antique wooden boards and other found objects. The artist combines his love of New England painting, architecture, and artisan imagery and applies this considerable knowledge of antiques and artifacts to the creation of his visionary folk art. The delicate details, gentle humor, and whimsy speak to the child in all of us, offering a peaceful retreat into a serene fantasy world of olden times.

While in recent years Brandon’s renowned contemporary folk artist has delved into other art forms with timely content, this exhibit shows Kimble in a current mood of nostalgia, creating his famous animal, barn, and homestead scenes on antique wooden boards and other found objects.

Warren Kimble — Folk Art 2017 is on view from June 30 to August 29, 2017, with a reception for the public on Friday, June 30, 5 – 7 PM. Brandon Artists Guild, 7 Center Street, Brandon, VT 05733.